Olaf Breuning: Mega Good Stuff

My photos are blurry but the exhibition is awesome. Go see “Small Brain, Big Stomach” at Metro Pictures, through Saturday.

Olaf Breuning: Adam Samberg of the Art World


I love Olaf Breuning. He builds a giant suggestive sand castle at Art Basel Miami, has a website that’s more like a scavenger hunt, and shows this hilariously subversive Brian Kerstetter film at the 2008 Whitney Biennial.

I first saw his work at an Armory Show a long time ago, when all the other works seemed depressingly cheap and sticky. His film drew a crowd, including me, and it made me smile, a seeming impossibility at the time. He’s ludicrous and a tease but he’s funny, brilliant, and onto something. Maybe it has something to do with his finding creativity through pleasure.