Tracey Emin Pontificates on Her Famousness


Hiroko Masuike for The New York Times

“Damien’s not recognized like I am everywhere I go,” she said [clad in a swimsuit poolside at her New York hotel]. “In London I’m in the papers every time I blow my nose, essentially. I’ll be followed by paparazzi. I’m taught in the school curriculum in Britain. It’s actually kind of nice when I come to New York and I don’t have that recognized thing.” via The New York Times

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  1. what a stupid woman she is.
    Yes she’s in the papers all the time.
    Gunned in the papers every time.
    And she is proud of it.
    Beng universally despised is not something to boast about

  2. OMG…. this is sad… SO sad…

  1. The Digest. 11.30.09. «

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