Why Art Dealers Don’t Speak Honestly to the Press (or at least shouldn’t to Roberta Smith)

Poor Michele Maccarone. Roberta Smith isn’t very nice to her in this New York Times piece about how well (or slightly not) galleries are doing in New York. Besides taking a potshot at her expense (but never mind), Smith casts Maccarone as a sour buzz kill while everyone else is still partying or trying hard to. No wonder Maccarone has this image up on her website:


Falling Wall by David Lamelas via http://www.maccarone.net


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  1. artlovesmoney

     /  September 4, 2009

    Resorting to commenting on my own posts now . . . To clarify: I think Michele came out looking fine (and actually kind of funny) but I don’t know that I’d want to be quoted and portrayed as the only dealer out there struggling in the NYT (particularly when Roberta implies some harsh things about the galleries that have closed). I think that in journalism (even if you’re a great critic), you should quote more than one source (in this case another dealer) complaining about things–particularly given the current climate. Inside the art world, no harm done; outside of it, I don’t know. The article felt loaded and incomplete to me.

  2. suxtobealoftycritic

     /  September 5, 2009

    Critics have it easy….they sit atop their lofty perch without a feel for anything on the street

    Maccarone is basically telling buyers to wake up bc this is the bottom

    I applaud it….her sensible and experienced voice is saying to buyers

    If u want to pick up the peices u long for….ur window is closing before uptick hits the market

    Isn’t panic the best time

    Michele macc is the only real voice out there calling it like it is

    Everyone else is living in abubble

    Each talk of success and in the same breath talk of cut backs…

    Perhaps the nyt would be better served if their attitudes weren’t so out of touch

    Michele maccarone is courting young artists…

    U know how many young artists would give an ear to show in her gallery….

    Yet the nyt peice is smear not a fresh look at the new ways galleries are adapting to the times…

    Nyt = hacks


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