With Friends like These, Small Wonder Gagosian May be Hurting

Lawyer Arrested

Marc Dreier: $10 Million Gagosian Client; Image via AP

One reason Larry Gagosian may be hurting, beyond being out the $3 million in gold that he purchased for his postponed Chris Burden exhibit (read this week’s New Yorker account here) due to a court order involving alleged fraudster Allen Stanford, is that some of his associates and big spenders are turning out to be crooks. He’s lost at least this prince of a buyer. According to an article in today’s Globe & Mail, which details the clients (Bill Cosby, Tim Burton, Justin Timberlake, and 50 Cent among them) of the indicted Marc Dreier, the one-time legal honcho spent $10 million of his firm’s money at the Gagosian Gallery last year. (You can read Artnet’s report about Dreier’s art collection here.)

Meanwhile, last week brought the news that one of Gagosian’s (and the art world’s) favorite clients, hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen, will exhibit women-centric works from his collection at Sotheby’s. Unless Cohen is angling to become Sotheby’s Francois Pinault (owner of Christie’s, not to mention Salma Hayek’s father-in-law), the exhibition raises a ton of questions, prime among them: huh?

UPDATE: I’m not the only one to speculate that Cohen’s next acquisition might by Sotheby’s. See reports from the New York Post, the New York Times, and the Daily Telegraph.

UPDATE II: Awesome review of the Cohen/Sotheby’s/Women exhibition by Artnet’s Walter Robinson here. The last paragraph is gorgeous.

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  1. do your posts about gagosian also appear in the gagosianator? or is that too meta?

  2. kellydevinethomas

     /  March 18, 2009

    actually, they appear in its less-wealthy cousin the gagosianblogonator (so do yours)



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  4. Molly

     /  December 12, 2010

    Wow! I think we should let him have the gold just to see what he can do with that much… He had to have amazing things in mind for a display!

    Phoenix Art Gallery

  1. The Digest. 03.18.09. at C-MONSTER.net
  2. Marc Dreier’s Mea Culpa Lists Expensive Art Among Extravagant Things « artlovesmoney

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