Ten Things I Think About Obama’s Speech


1. Let’s be clear: I voted for you (enthusiastically), but I fear you may still end up on my bastard list.

2. Nancy Pelosi looked like she was begging to be the target of a Gumby-inspired SNL skit.

3. Hillary Clinton looked like she felt like I do after an all-nighter. Keep. Eyes. Open.

4. Obama better start using “we” instead of “you” when talking about fears about the economy. [You can read the full text of his speech here.]

5. Top-heavy economies are destined to topple.

6. Hope can be as effective as fear at inducing blindness.

7. A lot of people believe in shortcuts and abuse.

8. Congress’s standing-and-clapping routine makes me think of wigs and England.

9. America doesn’t do what’s easy?

10. Here’s hoping we’re not quitters.

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