Introducing The Gagosianator (and its less wealthy cousin The Gagosianblogonator)


It started with a lazy and outrageous inclination–the thought that someone should figure out a way to make tons of money from Gagosian google alerts–and it took way too many hours for me to figure out, but I am very pleased to introduce The Gagosianator and The Gagosianblogonator (very technical and sophisticated RSS feeds that will hopefully update automatically) in the widget column to your right. I figure the amount of interest in Gagosian could support an entire cottage industry (he’s like a Greek god or something: you only need to whisper his name and whatever it touches is instantly and gloriously commodified). And I bet as many people in the art world have their eye on his wealth and well being as the economy’s. It’s like spying on the most influential art dealer alive (shhh . . .).

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