Please Pay Attention Please

nauman_pleaseBruce Nauman (1941–) from Please Pay Attention Please: Bruce Nauman’s Words:

What I was doing, and what I am going to do and what most of us probably do, is to use the tension between what you tell and what you don’t tell as part of the work. What is given and what is withheld become the work.

Excerpt from Nauman’s The Consummate Mask of Rock, 1975:

13. This is the mask to cover my infidelity to truth. (This is my cover.)

14. This is the need for pain that contorts my mask conveying the message of truth and fidelity to life.

15. This is the truth that distorts my need for human companionship.

16. This is the distortion of truth masked by my painful need.

17. This is the mask of my painful need distressed by truth and human companionship.

18. This is my painless mask that fails to touch my face but floats before the surface of my skin my eyes my teeth my tongue.

19. Desire is my mask. (Musk of desire)

20. Rescind desire cover revoked desire revoked cover rescinded.


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